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Benefits of Pressure Washing for Property Managers in Palm Beach County

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Wind, heat, snow, and rain are major causes of damage to the exterior surfaces of a building. But for property managers in Palm Beach County, the major concerns are heat, rain, wind, and sand.

One grain of sand might not seem like a lot to be worried about. But tens of thousands of grains of sand, propelled by strong winds, will cause major damage to your building.

Along with sand and debris hitting and sticking to the surfaces of your building, you also have to deal with the impact of biological and chemical agents. Insects, bacteria, and algae play a role in aging the exterior walls, sidings, and paved areas of your property. After years of enduring this abuse, the surfaces of the building can start to lose their appeal.

What can you do to fix this problem? Since you cannot stop the action of heat, wind, rain, or snow, the only option is to erase the evidence of the damage to your building. You can renew the appearance of your building by repainting its surfaces or replacing the damaged areas. But a cheaper and equally effective alternative is to simply pressure wash the property.

What is pressure washing?

Pressure washing is more than cleaning the exterior surfaces of a building with water and soap. It is also not cleaning the paved areas with one of those dubious chemicals that claim to strip away dirt. The limitation of these methods is they either do not remove ingrained stains or they actually damage the surfaces they are supposed to be cleaning. Pressure washing uses a jet stream of water to safely blast dirt away from the surfaces of your Palm Beach County building. This water is delivered at around 100-200 times the pressure of the surrounding air. By creating forces of up to 1500–3000 pounds per square inch (psi), a pressure washer produces enough power to return the surface to its original state.

Pressure washing is not just ideal for the exterior walls, sidings, roof, driveways, walkways, and other paved areas of the property; you can also use it to clean lawn furniture, barbecue grills, and other items. But other than the fact that this is a faster method for restoring the appearance of your building, what are the benefits of pressure washing?

Benefits of pressure washing for property managers

Property managers have a greater need to be concerned about the exterior aesthetics of their building and its maintenance cost than homeowners.

The curb appeal of the building is central to the manager’s ability to attract quality tenants on a regular basis. But the property manager also needs to be able to keep the property beautiful without spending a lot of money.

Finding a strategy that lets you do this is challenging, but this is exactly what pressure washing offers. As a property manager, you can give your building and its surrounding areas a fresh clean look without jacking up the building’s operational costs.

Here are a few of the reasons why pressure washing the properties under your management is a great idea.

Pressure Washing Tips for Property Managers

1. It makes good business sense

Pressure washing your building is one of the most economically wise maintenance decisions you can make. From a cost perspective, this method not only preserves the building’s curb appeal, but it also does so without expensive renovations. You can get the same benefits you would from repainting the building if you simply pressure-washed it. Plus, pressure washing is quicker and guarantees equivalent results.

2. Avoid unnecessary repairs

Algae, dirt buildup, bird droppings, rot, and mold are just a few of the things that damage your building. The acidic residue left by bird droppings will weaken and eventually damage your roof and gutter systems. Dirt buildup on brick and masonry will cause them to disintegrate. You can avoid the cost of fixing these potential problems by pressure washing the building.

3. Reduce the risk of legal liability

Pressure washing reduces the risk of lawsuits by tenants, employees, and visitors to your building. A good pressure wash will get rid of pollen, dust, dander, and other pollutants. Pressure washing will also strip surfaces of grease, oil, and materials that increase the risk of workplace accidents. One pressure wash, done at the right time, will save you thousands of dollars in liability costs.

4. Boost your professional reputation

Having a high-performing property under your management will benefit your business in the long term and short term. In the short term, you will have a steady flow of rental income from the building. In the long term, you create a reputation for being a property manager who knows how to get things done. This will help you attract even better clients.

5. Improved property value

A clean residential or commercial building means more quality renters who are eager to lease your premises. Higher demand for your building will give you an edge when deciding how much rent to charge. The vacancy rate of the building will drop while revenue will increase. This will make the building more valuable to buyers should the owner ever decide to sell it.

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